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compositions and designs

Typography composition is my happy place, where letters dance playfully, and visual rhythm springs to life. Crafting fonts ignites a creative spark, adding magic to words and stories. Embracing the art of typography is pure joy, as I revel in the delightful world of typographic creations.

a z on top

The ABCs of Printing

"The ABCs of Printing" features printed posters showcasing techniques, with historical and descriptive details of each at the bottom. It's an informative display of printing methods and their evolution.

letter D printed in 3D
poster on 3D prniting technique
some of the ABCs of Printing posters
zoom on printing textures on posters

Custom made fonts

Commissioned by movie directors Mabrouk El Mechri, Leïla Sy and Amadou Mariko

Font Designer
zohra display typeface
patine display typeface
clementine display typeface

24 sèvres

Le Bon Marché, a renowned Parisian luxury department store since 1838, now owned by LVMH, offers a diverse array of high-end products. My role centered on crafting promotional posters for its new website, entailing close collaboration with a photo retoucher to perfect the layout.

Layout designer
poster for the site 24sevres.com
poster for the site 24sevres.com
poster for the site 24sevres.com
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