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Lettre Infinie

Influenced by blue hues and the forthcoming birth of his son. The cover's repeated "M" forms graphic infinity lines, while handwritten lyrics inside the CD and vinyl add a contrasting personal touch. A challenging yet fulfilling project, creating prideful collaboration with the esteemed artist.

Graphic Designer
image with the logo of mathieu chedid repeated multiple times
cds of M

In France and French-speaking countries, Matthieu Chedid is celebrated as a singer-songwriter-composer and actor, exploring genres like Funk, Rock, and French variety. His album "Lettre Infinie" revolves around the significance of the color blue, tied to the anticipation of his first child. The title cleverly plays with the concept of infinity, reflected in the cover's repeated "M" letters forming graphic lines. Handwritten lyrics inside the CD and vinyl provide a personal touch, contrasting the cover's cold graphic style and creating a warm, intimate atmosphere. Designing the entire project solo was a significant challenge, teaching the importance of rigor in each design phase, especially regarding layout and packaging. This rewarding journey culminated in creating objects to be proud of, collaborating with a highly valued artist.

m stamp
picture of the album cover of m
cd cover pov from below
top view of the cd
composition with photos of m and some notes for his songs
photo of a guitar and other things
photo of the album inside
photo of the stuff that come with the album of m
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